We have prepared a free list of the Best Buys in the Newark and Bear Areas, homes with three and four bedrooms and one to three baths, on quiet tree lined streets, many with attached garages, roaring fireplaces, some have pools.  We have several financing programs available with low or no down payments.

Also available is our VIP Buyer program.  It’s a FREE service, and it is the same system the Realtors use to find their deals.  Our VIP Buyer’s are given direct access to the Realtor MLS System, just like the Realtors.  It greatly simplifies the home search process.

We have also prepared a new report, “How To Buy Your First Home With No Risk, The Buy-Back Guarantee, why no Realtors offer it, and How to get one”.

 Please take a moment to fill out your request below: Please specify in the "other details" comment section, what you would like: (1) The list of homes, (2) Information about the VIP Buyer Program, (3) The free report on the Buy-Back Guarantee.