In today's market, Distress Sales, often represent a great way to get a fantastic deal on a Luxury Estate Home.  It's not easy for the average Luxury Home Buyer to find these deals because they are often hidden by Seller's who are hoping to get a premium price even under dire circumstances.  These Seller's will try and get a premium price, without revealing the real reason why they are selling.  If you are the type of buyer that is looking to by an Estate or Luxury home and spend between eight hundred thousand dollars and three million dollars, but want to get a bargain price taking as much as 10% to 40% off of the fair market sales price, then you will want to get a copy of our Free "Luxury Distress Sale Weekly Report". 

Each week our computers research from various sources and compile a list of Luxury Distress Sale Homes, resale and new construction.  These are Seller's that are desperate to sell for a variety of reasons; job relocation, job loss, estates, pre-foreclosures, short sales and bank properties.  Our Weekly Luxury Distress Sale Report gives you the insider access to purchase these homes at significantly discounted prices, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars.  For example, recently we identified a home worth 1.5 million dollars that could be purchased for $800,000!

If you are looking to spend $800,000 to $2,000,000 on your next home, in a prestigious location, then you will want a  copy of the Free "Luxury Distress Sale Weekly Report".  This insider information, sent to you by email, in an incredibly simple and efficient for matt, will give you a huge advantage over other Luxury Buyers - and the Seller's of these properties.  You can request this Free Service by simply filling out the information on the form below including the specific price rage and area you would like the "Luxury Distress Sale Weekly Report" on.  When you have completed the form, just click "submit".*

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